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Yacht Security

TGS can assist your crew with the safe transit of your yacht in the event the voyage will transit High Risk Areas (HRA’S).  We provide a layered security service that ensures the necessary liability awareness measures are taken.  TGS will manage the risk associated with a high risk transit ensuring a complete risk management program.  Our teams will work with your crew to complete a thorough security plan that is legal within your flag state, and of ethical behavior.  Our security teams are continually monitored from our emergency operations center located in the United States, and will notify the appropriate law enforcement officials in the event of an incident.   Our security teams are all highly trained operators, and have real world experience in making decisions relating to the use of force.   Our security teams will communicate with the crew regarding the implementation of specific tactics that are designed to deter illegal activities, in an important effort to avoid risk all together.  Rest assured our security operators will be well prepared in the event an incident still occurs, and an armed security response becomes necessary.  Our Rules of Engagement will be prepared specifically for your vessel, the voyage being undertaken, and within the laws governing your flag state.

TGS will handle the logistical requirements relating to the embarkation/debarkation of the security team, and will communicate with the crew ensuring a smooth transition.  We will work with your crew in providing necessary training relating to the threats associated with the voyage.  Additionally, we will prepare an up to date security plan specifically for the voyage.  Our intelligence reports are based on proprietary information gathered by our on-going operations, along with credible intelligence agencies monitoring the areas involved.  We will also conduct drills for the crew prior to entering a High Risk Area, and ensure there is an up to date check list that the crew can implement as the voyage is underway.  Rest assured we will provide a robust security service that is legal and ethical, ensuring the safe transit of your yacht and crew.

“Where Strategic Planning and Liability Awareness Converge”