A Message From Our CEO: The ROI on AI-Based Video Surveillance

//A Message From Our CEO: The ROI on AI-Based Video Surveillance

A Message From Our CEO: The ROI on AI-Based Video Surveillance

As the CEO of Triton Global Services, I am often asked about the ROI on AI-based video surveillance systems leveraged with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning abilities. I want to provide a deeper understanding of the value you can derive from your AI-enhanced video surveillance systems. Although every business is different and each case may have unique challenges, I would like to provide practical examples for each key benefit listed below:

Reduction in Manual Labor: At Triton, our AI solutions continuously analyze multiple video feeds, automatically flagging any suspicious activities. This eliminates the need for large security teams to monitor screens around the clock, reducing overhead costs and allowing personnel to focus on more critical tasks. This is the exact reason why we can offer Remote Guarding at 40%-60% savings versus onsite security officers.

Improved Accuracy: Our AI-powered systems are fine-tuned to accurately differentiate between various objects and movements, dramatically reducing false alarms. For instance, our technology can distinguish between a potential intruder and a harmless event, such as a stray animal crossing the camera view that would typically trigger a motion alert. We are reducing false positives by up to 90%. We can tune AI-Powered surveillance to send alerts for unique activity. For example, we can configure cameras to send alerts when someone on a construction site is not wearing a hardhat or individuals who are carrying backpacks into an area of concern. There are many other options to leverage the AI capabilities within these surveillance systems that are true force multipliers.

Predictive Analysis: Triton’s AI systems can leverage data to identify potential security threats before they become real issues. For example, if an individual or vehicle repeatedly appears in an area at times and this is not typical behavior, our system can flag the event for further investigation, enabling a proactive approach to this security concern.

Operational Efficiency: We often configured AI algorithms to automate routine tasks like generating daily reports or event logs. By freeing up your team’s time, we can help increase productivity and overall efficiency in your operations. The opportunities to minimize or eliminate routine tasks are endless and our team can work with you to help identify or automate tasks to free up additional personnel.

Data Insights: Our AI-powered video analytics can provide deep insights into customer behavior patterns, such as peak visiting hours or common paths taken within your premises. Businesses can leverage these insights to optimize staffing, improve store layouts, or enhance marketing strategies. We can configured AI-based surveillance systems to help determine the amount of interest that is demonstrated by customers encountering a new floor display and compare this activity to previous floor displays. Heat mapping is a valuable tool that is used to identify this type of activity and behavior.

Understanding and measuring the ROI from your AI-enhanced video surveillance system involves analyzing the costs associated with security breaches, manual labor, operational efficiency, and productivity before and after the implementation of our solutions. The initial costs of AI integration can be significant, but the long-term benefits, including cost savings, improved security, and increased efficiency, undoubtedly yield a considerable ROI.

At Triton Global Services, we’re dedicated to helping you maximize the potential of AI-enhanced video surveillance systems. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have, or assist you further in optimizing your security infrastructure.

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to discuss this further. Our sales team is easily reached at sales@tritonglobalservices.com or 877-212-2577 during business hours.


Warm Regards,

Greg Keef

CEO, Triton Global Services

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