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At TGS, we aim to protect our clients and customers in more way than one. Our alarm systems, powered by Qolsys, are the perfect starting point for anyone looking to improve the security of their property. In both the commercial and residential industries, TGS provides quality alarm systems to fit the needs and budget of our clients. Our 24/7 Dispatch Center is there to support any emergency needs as well as technical support on any system questions.


At TGS, we pride ourselves at delivering the most customer centric experience with every service we offer. We believe your understanding of your system’s capabilities and having customer support for any questions you may have are the most important parts of any security service experience. Our service, combined with the leading technologies in the alarm industry allow us to deliver a product and service that is reviewed far above any competition. Our alarm systems are equipped with a variety of technical capabilities such as bluetooth connectivity, facial recognition, live door answering, dual connectivity and more. We have a variety of options for both the commercial and residential industries.

Please visit the Commercial Alarms page for more information on commercial alarms.

Please visit the Home Alarms page for more information on residential alarms.