Benefits of Video Surveillance Camera Systems with Real-Time Remote Monitoring.

//Benefits of Video Surveillance Camera Systems with Real-Time Remote Monitoring.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Camera Systems with Real-Time Remote Monitoring.

Benefits of Video Surveillance Camera Systems with Real-Time Remote Monitoring.


Need to see what is happening at the office or home when you are not there?  Installing a high-quality video surveillance camera system with real-time remote monitoring capabilities is the answer.  This gives you the ability to view real-time video surveillance anytime, anywhere with a web-enabled device such as your computer, smartphone, or tablet.


24/7 Protection with Mobile Apps

In the advanced high-tech world that we live in today, there is a wide variety of mobile apps available which enables you to log into your smartphone with just a touch of a button. This enables you to view live and recorded video surveillance footage, control PTZ settings, and receive and manage alerts. Not all apps offer the same options for remote viewing capabilities.  A great app to use is the Alibi Witness Mobile App. Unlike most video surveillance mobile apps, we found this app delivers multi-site viewing capabilities, you can mix and match cameras from multiple locations, and you can customize and store multiple views. This app is compatible with all Alibi-Branded security equipment.  To have an effective and properly set up an app, you will need an internet data plan as well as an IP address.

One of the best features of a mobile app is knowing you can be just a few miles away or halfway around the world and have the ability to monitor and respond to security issues and emergencies as they occur.


Remote Monitoring for Businesses

It’s hard to walk into any commercial or private business and not see video surveillance cameras these days.  Businesses should prioritize their security measures by finding the right surveillance system not only to protect their employees but their business as well.

With properly placed indoor and outside security cameras with real-time remote viewing capabilities, you can have continuous surveillance and help deter and prevent certain crimes such as theft, break-in, vandalism, and false liability claims.

In case a crime should occur at your business after hours and you have a security camera combined with a motion alert system, you will receive an alert along with a short video clip so you can see what is actually happing at an instant. A video surveillance system can then help provide the police with a clear video of the event that occurred and who was involved in the incident.  Rest assured, you can call the police from anywhere and then head to your business once the police have already arrived, thus providing you with a sense of security and peace of mind.

Video surveillance camera systems are the first step in keeping an eye on your staff. Research shows that employee theft reduces dramatically and production increases when employees know the boss can watch the office from a connected device.  Once an employee knows they can be checked on, they will make efforts to behave in the ways that are expected of them reducing unwanted behavior such as underproduction and extended breaks.

Remote Monitoring for Homes

Many families are turning to remote monitoring for a wide variety of concerns at home.  With just a click away, you can peek in while you are out to make sure everything in the home front is safe and secure.   From making sure the kids are safe at home to giving seniors living on their own the ability to maintain their independence and stay safe.

Remote monitoring combined with a motion alert system is also a great tool to use for private residences.  You can keep an eye on your home and pets in real-time while at work or on vacations. With the ability to manage your remote monitoring system, via your smartphone, you have the freedom to come and go as you please while having peace of mind of knowing your most precious loved one and assets are safe.

Along with the peace of mind of having a security camera system with real-time remote monitoring, there are professional security companies such as Triton Global Services, Inc, which offers continuous video monitoring for busy business and homeowners. They provide services such as video patrols and live monitoring of your security cameras 24/7.  Having such a service gives an added layer of relief knowing your home or business is being watched around the clock.

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