High Risk Protection

//High Risk Protection

High Risk Protection

In recognition of the significant contribution of private security to crime prevention and reduction, as a private security officer, I pledge:

To accept the responsibilities and fulfill the obligation of my role; protecting life and property; preventing and reducing crimes against organizations and institutions to which I am assigned; upholding the law; and respecting the constitutional rights of all persons.

To conduct myself with honesty and integrity and to adhere to the highest moral principles in the performance of my security duties.

To be faithful, diligent, dependable, and consistent in discharging my duties and to uphold at all times the laws, policies and procedures that protect the rights of others.

To observe the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence, without allowing personal feelings, prejudices, animosities, or friendships to influence my judgments.

To ensure Triton Global Services personnel will always treat themselves and others with the utmost respect, and welcome transparency to all that we do. Our highest of ethical standards are part of the DNA of this company, and we will always balance every decision we make against our ethical standards.

To report to my superiors, without hesitation, any violation of the law or regulations of Triton Global Services and the cl