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TGS employs a unique approach to the piracy threat affecting the maritime fleets operating in today’s oceans.

Our firm recognizes the challenging dynamics of maritime operations and fully understands the financial burden piracy is creating for fleets transiting High-Risk Areas (HRA).  TGS is uniquely qualified to mitigate the threats directed at the maritime industry operating in HRA’s.  Our approach to this modern threat is tailored specifically for the maritime industry and is a derivative of proven risk management experience.

TGS is a full-service security provider and is licensed as such.  We provide realistic threat assessments that are based on the most up to date standards, and compliant with legal requirements. We provide a complete package of anti-piracy services that go far beyond the initial threat assessment and guard services onboard a vessel.   TGS goes beyond the normal scope of services that are currently being offered within the maritime security industry.  We package our services with full documentation of compliance regarding the industry standards governing the “Use of Force” and “Rules of Engagement.”  Our firm is uniquely qualified in these liability prone areas when it comes to force.  Our Rules of Engagement are specifically written for each vessel in accordance with their flag state requirements and our extensive real-world experience.  We uniquely integrate liability awareness procedures into every “Rules of Engagement” document we prepare. Our in-house training programs ensure that our operators deployed for anti-piracy services have an in-depth understanding of force as it relates to civilian operations. Prior military experience alone does not adequately prepare a civilian security operator to make “use of force” decisions that are governed by civilian courts.  For this reason, we provide extensive training to ensure our operators are in full compliance of the industry standards regarding the use of force.

TGS personnel will utilize operational planning and tactics designed to deter illegal activity against our client’s vessels and crew. Our policies and procedures governing our Anti-Piracy services all mandate that our operators will only use the amount of force that is reasonably required to stop a threat.


So we can explain how our services uniquely minimize risk to your entire operation while increasing value to your maritime operations.