Preparing for a Safe Halloween

//Preparing for a Safe Halloween

Preparing for a Safe Halloween

The holiday season can be one of the most fun and joyful times of the year, but it can also be a time full of headaches and stress. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween all present their own stresses and challenges, but there is only one where dressing up like a criminal and covering your identity is encouraged. Halloween is a bit different in its celebration when compared to Thanksgiving or Christmas, as it’s the only holiday on the calendar that largely involves getting out and about while approaching the properties of your neighbors. For a variety of reasons, Halloween presents potential dangers far beyond any other holiday.
In order to have a safe, happy, and secure Halloween, property owners can make a few extra preparations this year. Halloween of 2020 falls on a Saturday with a full moon, which is perfect for extra spooky fun that doesn’t need to evolve into an actually scary place for you and your family.

Prepping For A Safe Halloween

Preparing for a safe Halloween isn’t difficult, it just takes a little extra thought to make sure you’ve given your security the consideration it deserves. Here a few preparations for your family to consider:

1. Keep your property well-lit – During Halloween night, trick or treaters will be walking up and down sidewalks, walkways, and driveways to go door to door collecting sweets. While keeping things dark and spooky is in tune with the Halloween mood, it’s also important to keep things safe. A dark walkway with unseen debris can leave a property owner liable for injuries should a child or parent fall and hurt themselves on the way to your front door. Motion sensor lighting keeps your walkways lit and safe just when it’s needed most.
2. Consider a security camera at the front door – If you’re unsure if that knock on your door is a trick or treater or something more nefarious, a camera at your front door will let you know from a safe distance. You can check your camera without ever getting up from the couch, and you may even communicate with those on the other side if you’ve run out of candy or you spot something suspicious. There are a variety of options for front door, and doorbell cameras
3. Outdoor security cameras keep your property protected – Halloween night can be a popular night for mischief, and you don’t want to wake up to learn you’ve been the victim of vandals. Outdoor security cameras can deter crime before it happens or catch all the evidence you need right on your footage. When vandals spot security cameras, they’re most likely to turn and walk away.

A Safer And Happier Halloween

To keep Halloween as a major American favorite, it’s important to keep Halloween safe. With modern security technologies, you can feel safer this Halloween whether you’re throwing a holiday bash, you’re laying low and handing out candy to little ones, or you’re making your own little one for a spin around the neighborhood. If you’re looking for those modern technologies to keep your home safe this Halloween season, contact us and our professionals to see what we can do today.


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