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Our training, knowledge, and experience across the loss prevention industry puts Triton Global services (TGS) in a class of its own.

Understanding loss prevention principles allow us to assist our clients in protecting their business and profits.  The potential size of a loss your company can face will depend on the business function, what your selling, and or locations.  The potential threats, risks, and concerns facing your business will be eliminated by having a loss prevention program. This is where Triton Global can step in and help.

Whether you’re a corporately owned or independently owned and operated business, we bring our loss prevention experience and knowledge to your business to make sure your business has a secure environment, is more profitable, and less susceptible to losses. TGS uses a variety of loss prevention methods for your business to help protect and reduce theft from internal and external sources that could wipe out profits your business has already made.

When a business experiences a loss, it affects them where it hurts the most, bottom line profits.  Preventable losses are happening every day by theft, fraud, vandalism or by the companies very own employees. When this happens it is known as shrinkage. The majority and primary reason for a company’s loss is due to theft by employees. Employee theft can and do happen by various methods including shoplifting and or during point of sale transactions.  When external theft is done by outside sources, by shoplifting, break-ins, and or robberies, this is another way companies experience loss of merchandise and or monies.   Having a robust loss prevention program is the best method of successfully minimizing those risks.

Reduce the opportunities that put your business at risk for losses before they happen and not after the loss has already occurred. Having a loss prevention program with Triton Global Services will not only give you peace of mind but will also provide your business with the protection that you need so you can eliminate losses caused by theft and maximize your return on your investments.  Our highly trained loss prevention officers will be deployed at your place of business and will execute a strategic plan designed to maximize the loss of product.

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