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From design, installation, maintenance to remote guarding, we make sure you’re covered wherever and whenever you need with a fully-customized security plan.

The security industry is always changing. One of our goals has always been to stay on the cutting edge of what the security industry has to offer. With the growing financial pressures left for many businesses and families, security companies have had to find ways to cut costs while delivering an exceptional service. Triton Global Services provides Remote Guarding Service that uses advanced video surveillance systems, powered by AI and machine learning, to deliver security services. Triton Video Patrol Officers (VPO) monitor the video signals remotely from our monitoring center and provide real-time responses with With Triton’s Remote Guarding Service, you can rest assured that your assets and property are always under vigilant watch, providing the safety and peace of mind you need. Leveraging our security expertise and innovative technology, we are committed to deliver personalized, proactive, and highly effective remote security solutions.


  • Save 40-60% compared to our unarmed security guard service.
  • Be covered from all angles with Ai-based video surveillance. On-Site Guards are limited to human capabilities.
  • Our VPO’s use customizable strobe light and alarms to deter unwanted activity
  • One Monthly Cost for all services needed. Design, Installation, Maintenance & Monitoring all for one low monthly payment.
  • Immediate response. Our Video Patrol Officers notify emergency services immediately when dangerous or criminal events occur.
  • On top of being live-monitored, all footage is recorded and stored for as long as you need.
  • No subcontractors. Other companies say they install systems, but a majority of them use subcontractors to do the work.

Cut costs, improve security. Save 40-60% on your security detail compared to security guards while achieving better results.


One of our long-time security guard clients hit a point where they absolutely needed an efficient security detail, but they needed to find a way to save some money. In California, industry standards can set security guard rates at anywhere from $20-30 per hour billed to the customer. When you’re talking about needing services 24/7, that price can add up very quickly. Our customer was paying for ONE security guard around the clock, which was costing them almost $19,000 per month. They were achieving effective results with their security guard, but needed something cheaper. We had a solution for them: Remote Guarding. We took all their security needs into consideration, built them a customized plan for video surveillance, installed all the equipment, and now are continuously monitoring their cameras. We were able to take their yearly costs from over $210,000 to less than $86,000, all while delivering an equal or better service. Not only is a video patrol officer still remotely monitoring their property, the surveillance technology we use supports that officer to create one of the most effective, proactive solutions we have to offer.

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