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Fever Detection Kiosks 

Single Person Fever Detection Kiosk

Our Single Person Fever Detection Kiosk allows for access control with health in mind. People who enter the building will be prompted to put their wrist up to the device with no-contact, while also having their face go through a facial recognition system, which can be used to allow specific people through the access point, or as a general security identifying measure.

System Specifications:

  • Accurate face recognition
  • Mask/ No-Mask Detection
  • .54  degree deviation accuracy
  • Highly efficient, checks 20-30 persons per hour
  • Custom temperature and facial recognition settings

Please request a quote for our extremely competitive pricing.

Multi-Person Fever Detection System

Our Multi-Person Wrist Temperature Detection System allows for a greater number of people to be scanned at once with the same unmatched accuracy of our single person detection system. This device allows trained personnel to monitor the system as mass amounts of people walk through the specific entry from a distance. This system is perfect for quicker screening times where large amounts of people walk through the same entry.

System Specifications:

  • Capable of multiple person temperature detection in large groups
  • Detection distance: 6.5 – 8.2 feet
  • Clear image capturing for busy background environments – Longer distance, large scenes can also be accurately and quickly screened
  • Built-in alarm trigger – Supports automatic capture when an alarm is triggered to provide evidence after the event

Pricing varies per system, please inquire.

As the COVID-19 situation dissipates across the country, businesses are looking for new ways to ensure the good health of their employees and customers. Our new, no-contact fever detection and facial recognition solutions are the first steps in providing a safe and healthy environment for every employee and customer that comes through your business. With an unmatched degree of accuracy and a committed service tailored to each client, we believe we can create safe and healthy work environments for every business that uses this service. Triton is offering two different product solutions, along with different package options to fit the needs of your property.

Triton offers a variety of packages that include combinations of the product, installation, maintenance and the operation of the system by trained personnel. We will assess your needs on-site and combine them with your company’s desires to create the right package for your business.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for our highly trained technicians to meet with you to discuss our fever detection and facial recognition solutions for your business.

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