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Triton Global Services is proud to offer remote viewing service, blending traditional security patrol services leveraged with real-time video surveillance

This new service brings 24/7 security coverage to your property at the cost point similar to vehicle patrols. Traditional vehicle patrols are conducted in a marked security vehicle at a customer’s location 4-6 times in a 24-hour period. Security patrols do provide a deterrent to undesired activity and allow our security officer to provide tasks such as pool lockups or securing structures at set times. The vehicle patrols are significantly cheaper than having a uniformed security officer onsite 24/7, but the amount of time spent on site is minimal.

Triton now offers remote viewing services, where our highly trained video patrol officers use video technology to provide security services around the clock. We will build a video surveillance system tailored to your business needs, and our high tech cameras allow us to input analytics into the cameras to provide specific alerts. These alerts can be motion detection in certain areas during a designated time frame or the removal of an item from a set location on your property. Once our cameras detect a tailored alert, they will notify our on-duty video patrol officer assigned to our dispatch center. Our video patrol officer will log in to the video surveillance system we have installed at your business, and begin a patrol using the IP cameras onsite. We will verify if the alert was triggered by an intruder or caused by wind or an animal. Based on the finding during the video patrol, our officer will either determine the alert to be of concern and take appropriate action or determine the alert to be of no concern and document the incident in the Daily Activity Report.

Our video patrol officers will also conduct random video patrols of your property even if there are no alerts, and will document each patrol in the Daily Activity Report.

We also provide access to our apps, which can be installed on your smartphone or tablet. This will allow remote viewing of your site as long as there is an active internet connection.

Triton Global Services makes this service extremely affordable with our leasing options. Our professional technicians will design, install and maintain the entire video surveillance system and offer this on leasing terms. This means we can offer around the clock security services at rates similar to that of security patrols.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment for our highly trained technicians to meet with you to discuss our remote viewing services for your business.

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