Triton Global Services your #1 choice for a security provider Ontario CA

//Triton Global Services your #1 choice for a security provider Ontario CA

Triton Global Services your #1 choice for a security provider Ontario CA

Triton Global Services should be your #1 choice for a security provider


A common mistake a lot of home and business owners make is thinking they are safe from burglaries since they are located in nice neighborhoods until something happens in your surrounding areas.  Then all of a sudden, the feeling of NOT being protected is too close to home and it’s a mad dash to the internet to find a security provider.  


We can all google security providers and may even search for “what are the top 5 reasons to install a security surveillance system” and get all the same answers from all of the various websites.  The question you need to ask yourself is what makes one security service provider stand out from all the rest and what are you wanting to accomplish with having a video surveillance system.  


TGS (Triton Global Services) understands every client will have different needs depending on the size of your security projects to the various types of security services you are looking for. Triton Global Services leverages technology with high-quality security cameras systems which are highly customizable to fit your needs at competitive pricing. Our range of security cameras will impress even the most high-tech driven individuals. 


For business owners needing security guard services, choosing TGS as your #1 choice for a security provider, you will have access to the latest online reporting system, Silvertrac.  Our web-based reporting software allows for real-time reporting via smartphone or tablet to ensure security guards are following correct protocols and are on post giving our clients peace of mind their business is being watched and protected around the clock.  


At some point and time, we have all called a customer service support line to find out they have closed after hours or we end up in a call prompt circle which gets us nowhere – We ultimately walk away feeling frustrated.   Our customer service support line is available 24/7 and your call will be handled by a live support tech to take your call.  We believe in being there for our clients and putting you first. 




At TGS we take your security concerns with the utmost importance. We understand security is more than having your home or business protected, your peace of mind is equally important.   Our company motto of “Service with Transparency and Accountability” holds true.  We leverage technology to ensure all our services offerings are transparent and viewable online as they occur.  We hold ourselves accountable for the work, quality, and services we provide.  Our above the bar attitude is what drives TGS to accomplish our goals and is what sets us apart from all other security providers.

Contact Triton Global Services to become your security provider of choice by calling…. 877-212-2577.


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