Types of Security Cameras For Your Business

//Types of Security Cameras For Your Business

Types of Security Cameras For Your Business

There are different types of security cameras to choose from, and each one has its own unique strengths. You need to take a look at your business and determine what areas you need monitored. Then, you can select the right type of camera for those specific areas. For example, if you need to monitor the parking lot as well as around the building, you would use bullet cameras. If you need to place a camera in a storage room or cash register area, then dome security cameras may be a better option.

To determine what types of security cameras you may need, take a good look at your home or business and think of some of the critical areas of interest or reoccurring issues you have been having on your property. Do you need to monitor the parking lot as well as around the building? What about the entrances and exits to deter shoplifters? Do you need to place one in a storage room, cash register to deter employee theft? Look around your building outside and inside to help you decide what camera will work in a certain location.

Bullet Cameras:

Named because of their long, cylindrical shape that looks similar to a bullet, these are ideal for using outside. Due to their protective casings, they are shielded from different weather conditions. They can be fitted with a fixed or zoom lens, IR night vision, and high-quality video resolution. On the negative side, because they are noticeable, they are targets for vandalism.

Dome Security Cameras:

Dome security cameras are similar to a bullet camera in that they work well indoors as well as outdoors for surveillance. Also called a “ceiling camera” their small dome shape makes it difficult for intruders to determine which way the camera is facing. In addition to their wide-angle lens, infrared (IR) night vision, they are resistant to vandalism.

360 degree Security Cameras:

Day to Night Security Cameras are able to work both indoor and outdoor environments. With the use of multi-sensor or fisheye lense cameras, you can protect an entire area with one camera location. This not only maximizes the coverage from one camera location, but also saves the need to install multiple cameras which can raise overall labor costs. Another benefit is that they come in several sizes and record data in full color. With so many customizable options for 360 cameras, they are quickly becoming one of the most valuable and versatile camera models in the industry.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Cameras:

PTZ cameras allow the security camera to pan (move from right to left) tilt (move up and down) and zoom according to your needs. PTZ cameras are usually used in situations where there is live security or a security specialist operating the system. Many businesses like these cameras for their high-quality image resolution, X36 optical zoom and 200 Infra-red night vision.

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