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We offer the latest IP-based access control technology and access control solutions designed to enhance security at your location, provide scalability and simplify access management. Triton Global Services, Inc. is proud to carry infinias eIDC32 door controllers, access control systems, and Intelli-M Access management software, along with card readers, I/O devices and access cards. Designed with scalability in mind, infinias access control solutions can handle any size application-from a single door, to hundreds of doors at multiple locations. Our easy-to-install solutions enable you to secure more doors and provide a cost-effective IP-based access control solution for schools and campuses, financial institutions, healthcare facilities and businesses of every size.

Access Control Software

Triton Global Services, Inc. offers infinias Intelli-M Access management software-a browser-based, feature-rich access control management platform that simplifies configuration, administration and building access control management.
Intelli-M Access software features a user-friendly interface and powerful rules engine that enables you to create custom rules to record events-defined by you. Intelli-M Access provides the features you need to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations. infinias Intelli-M Access software supports an unlimited number of door licenses.

Access Control Hardware

Ontario, CA we have the latest access control hardware to secure your school, hospital bank or business. Choose from Ethernet-enabled, PoE-powered IP-based door controllers, access control door kits, input/output devices, wireless electronic door locks, access control card readers, proximity readers and fully-configured access control servers. Our access control hardware is simple-to-install and built to meet the requirements of continuous use for around-the-clock access control. We have a team of security experts can assist you with choosing the access control hardware that works best for your location and fits your budget.

Card Readers and Credentials

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Access Control Accessories